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Forex has the biggest market
in value

95% of unexperienced traders
lose their investments in the first 6 months

America and England account for
50% of the Forex market

Weena Trading

The company

Weena Trading is a Forex trading company. We are focussed in trading with Forex, more specifically in currency. Weena Trading decided to not focus on too many different areas. The benefit of this strategy is that we can specialize and focus solely in the Forex trading. Our attention is always focused on the Forex market and during the years we acquired in-depth knowledge in the Forex market. Apart from human work we also use computer programs to increase our efficiency and attention. We make use of EA robots, which ensures focus on the market whenever it is open.

'' EA robots ensures automated and optimised trading. By making use of the technical robots, we can focus on the market even when our traders are not available. ''

Our clients

Previous clients have shown interest and trust in Weena Trading. We believe that we keep clients thanks to our vision, customer service and individual help. A healthy relationship is one of our main goals that we want to achieve. All of our customers can count on weekly technical analysis of the Forex market, which is provided by the Weena Trading team.

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Why Weena Trading?

Always interested in investing for a better or more stable future? We offer relatively safe investment opportunities. The Forex market is widely known as an easy-to-earn market. Nothing can be further from the truth. Trading with Forex causes problems for indented and non-experienced traders, due to the massive risks of the Forex market. We advise all traders that do want to start for themselves to start with learning and observing before investing. Apart from the risk, there are more reasons to trust in Weena Trading. The interest rates of banks in Europe and everywhere else are still dropping. Negative rates are already showing up, while profits can be made elsewhere. It can be said that investing your money is a way to make the most of it.

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Our company's philosophy

We like to share our philosophy.

  • Customer friendliness and service
  • Only invest in trustworthy, safe and known markets
  • Keep learning and improving in the Forex market

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